stacks of bread

I want this decal in my room 😜

Super cute onigiri place


Tseng Yi Wen x Smoking Habits



enra ” Torque starter “

Director : Nobuyuki Hanabusa , Yusaku Mochizuki
Performer :Yusaku Mochizuki
Animator : Minoru Kusakabe , Nobuyuki Hanabusa
Music : Nobuyuki Hanabusa , Yusaku Mochizuki

NYC Transit Graphic Standards Manual

Anonymous asked:
this post/7222106306/spirited-away-and-back-story post on your blog is literally fucking bullshit. please take a look at this : vinegardoppio[.]tumblr[.]com/post/84574941079/tsunderehairflip-fleshdad-champloo1916

Hahahah get over it. It’s just a post on tumblr. I never said it was real and in my post I specifically said it was an urban legend.. theories.. and like I said, in my post, I was posting it cause it was interesting.


Gameboy gif  (artist’s site)